Dash appeared in 2014. Dash has a vision of protecting user information. Thus, it is defined as the first crypto currency that adopts confidentiality as a principle. It is not known who found Dash. There are some claims that Evran Duffield is the owner. When it first came out, it was called Darkcoin. It was named after the combination of the words Digital Cash. Dash does not share the names and address information of its users.

Dash claims to have solved problems in Bitcoin. It provides fast data transfer to its users. This enables faster processing. Thanks to its self-managing structure, it minimizes the additional costs it receives from users.

As a common feature of Dash and Bitcoin, both transactions use the blockchain system. But Dash offers about four seconds faster processing than Bitcoin. The transaction fee is less. Dash operations are divided into Instantsend and PrivateSend. Thus, transactions that are performed over Dash are not grouped because they are grouped.