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Find answers to various questions about Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin was created in 2008. Fully digital content. It is not connected to any center.It is only available on the internet. The reliability and confidentiality of all transactions performed with Blockchain technology is ensured. The transactions are open source. In this way, every process from the past to the present can be examined.
Who found Bitcoin?
Bitcoin was discovered in 2009 by the person or people who introduced as Satoshi Nakamoto. Although many claims have been made about who the creator of Bitcoin is, there is still no definite information about who is.
Who controls the Bitcoin network?
The Bitcoin network cannot be controlled by a person or organization. Because its technology is open source, it can be controlled by all Bitcoin users around the world. Bitcoin network cannot be changed, even though application developers are constantly updating the software.
How to use Bitcoin?
Bitcoin creates a personalized Bitcoin wallet. With this wallet, users can buy and transfer bitcoins.