Ripple appeared in 2012. It was popular in a short period of time and has maintained this popularity until today. Ripple is a global payment network. It allows you to send any currency anywhere in the world in seconds, with a minimum transaction fee. This system has emerged as a rival to legacy international money transfer systems such as SWIFT or Western Union. The problems of converting crypto currencies remain. But it has been a great advantage that Ripple is rapidly transforming into other currencies on the market.

Provides affordable cost to make real-time payments worldwide. Works with numerous banks. Globally important banks use Ripple. UniCredit, UBS, SHRB, ATB Finacial, Santander, Tokyo / Mitsubishi are some of these banks. It is also among these banks, Akbank Turkey for judging.

XRP refers to Ripple's currency. Ripple works with block chain. Uses encryption method with ECDSA and ED25519 algorithms. Therefore Ripple is considered to be more reliable than other crypto coins.

It is claimed that Ripple has advantages as well as disadvantages. One of these claims is that Ripple is a kind of agent that monitors financial transactions due to the low wage, despite the rapid transfer. Ripple's work with banks is thought to cause some investors to avoid XRP and Ripple. Another claim is that according to a study, Ripple has security issues. So Ripple's code is open to the public, so it is thought that in the event of a cyber attack, users will not be able to access their XRPs and become victims.