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what is cryptocurrency what is cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency?

You must start with Bitcoin to explain the crypto coins. Because Bitcoin is one of all the crypto coins. The first coin is Bitcoin. BTC stands for Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is known as the creator of Bitcoin. So one hundred million of a Bitcoin is called Satoshi.

Bitcoin is very valuable compared to the dollar. As Bitcoin rises, there is a transition from other subcoins. Therefore, Bitcoin has become the most well known and preferred. Non-bitcoin cryptocurrency are called subcoins. Crypto coins are kept in a wallet called Wallet. You need to have a different wallet address for each coin.

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Bitcoin and other popular crypto coins


Since the concepts of Blockchain and Bitcoin are intertwined, these two concepts are considered the same. Many people think of Bitcoin as a virtual money or trading system. But this is not enough for Bitcoin. It has meanings far beyond. Bitcoin is the best known application of Blockchain technology. Users of this system can transfer to each other without an intermediary. These transfers are registered in a decentralized distributed system. This system is called Blockchain. Operations performed through miners must be verified by the system. This situation brings a limit to the transactions to be made.

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Holochain suggests that it is scalable. It also claims to offer much cheaper transaction fees. In addition to transaction fees, there is no mining situation at Blockchain. Blockchain spends a lot of energy in the world due to its mining system. Holochain, on the other hand, claims an alternative to this. The extent to which the energy consumption generated by the mining situation can be sustained points to a serious question in question.

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