What is cryptocurrency ?

You must start with Bitcoin to explain the crypto coins. Because Bitcoin is one of all the crypto coins. The first coin is Bitcoin. BTC stands for Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is known as the creator of Bitcoin. So one hundred million of a Bitcoin is called Satoshi.

Bitcoin is very valuable compared to the dollar. As Bitcoin rises, there is a transition from other subcoins. Therefore, Bitcoin has become the most well known and preferred. Non-bitcoin cryptocurrency are called subcoins. Crypto coins are kept in a wallet called Wallet. You need to have a different wallet address for each coin.

When people start to fall in the graphical table to avoid harm, they change the money. This is often the case with cryptocurrency. Excess subcoins are on their way to disposal. whereas subcoins do not easily damage. This system does not usually harm when long-term plans are made. Short term periods may be risky due to instant changes.

Subcoins with high transaction volume should be checked for the coin to be deposited. The lower the risk, the higher the risk. There will be exits in the market and it is quite normal for them to fall. Even declines are necessary. Because people who buy and sell do not buy it again after cashing out. Crypto money sold at a high price falls and profits are made again. It is also important to profit from declines.