Zcash ZEC

Zcash was launched in 2016. It is a crypto currency that works with privacy and serves in all areas of the global economy. Zcash considers the privacy of the company as well as the privacy of the personal data important to the business world. With Zcash's privacy-oriented code, users can control their personal information.

ZEC stands for ZCash. It is known that Zcash was developed and researched with various scientific methods before its release. In order to protect and store user data in the best way, we have worked with many scientists and hackers who are experts in their fields. Among the companies investing in Zcash are Pantera Cap. D.C.G. and Fenbushi Cap. important companies. There are also many well-known people.

A wallet can be created through an application owned by Zcash. There are two different addresses of Zcash. One of them is the addresses starting with the letter T. These addresses are similar to Bitcoin. Because transactions can be viewed by anyone. The other one starts with the letter Z. These addresses are defined as fully protected. Users benefit from top-level privacy through this address.

The number of Zcash Tokens is limited to 21 million as in the Bitcoin system. Zcash's biggest rivals are the crypto coins, such as Monero and Dash. ZEC is traded on many crypto currency exchanges like Bitfinex.