The EOS coin was developed by Daniel Larimer and launched in 2017. Ethereum has similar features. Safe and trouble-free operation. It is also a decentralized application. Ethereum has to pay a fee for each transaction, while no transaction fees are paid in the EOS system. Users can use the EOS system without using a smart contract. There is no charge to write or deploy any application and interact with other decentralized platforms.

EOS defines itself as the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. According to the EOS team, EOS has the ability to perform millions of transactions per second. Ethereum has announced that it is possible to realize more than one million potentially a hundred million transactions per second with various solutions. EOS refers to a decentralized system that uses the Blockchain base. It is defined by the creators of EOS as follows; Similar to web-based applications to businesses or individuals, it supports all of the functionality required to create Blockchain-based applications.

The EOS coin reached its peak in June 2019. It was traded at 2.79 during late September. There are opinions that the EOS coin will rise in the future by gaining positive effects through various updates. Compared to other crypto currencies, the EOS coin also comes to the forefront with processing speed.